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► Latest Update:  New Language - Braille for Mexico

 New Languages:  Amharic and Oromo for North Africa; Oshikwanyama and Oshidong spoken in Namibia and Kenya.  

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► New Hindi Bible with Study Notes

Latest Update

New Language - Braille for Mexico: We have completed the transcription of Purepecha into Braille and an initial 400 Braille Bible portions were produced and despatched at the end of 2015. This language is spoken by the people of the Mexican Highland state of Michoacán.

New Languages planned for 2016

We aim to start working on the Braille transcription of the following languages during 2016:-

Amharic and Oromo: Both of these languages are used in Ethiopia. Amharic is the official 'working' language of Ethiopia and the second-most spoken Semitic language in the world. Oromo is spoken in the region called Oromia and is the 3rd largest language in Africa - it is also spoken in parts of Kenya, Somalia and Egypt.

Urdu: Transcription of the Urdu Bible has been shelved until further work on the text files are carried out by the publishers. We are keen to progress this language.

Compass Braille Special Bible Fund:  This special fund is for Braille needs that are made known to us but for which there is no financial support from outside sources. Thanks to supporters, grants and Bike for Braille we have been able to produce several hundred Braille Bible portions, mostly for India. These were in various languages for use in Schools and Colleges; Mini Braille Libraries for house churches and Summer Camps and Conferences. Recently, two complete Bibles were sent to a School for the blind and a complete 'commemorative' Bible was presented to a resource centre in Chennai.

Hindi Sab Ki Bible: We have transcribed and produced the Biblical book of Acts with study notes. This is a pilot project to test the value of this resource for Braille reader use. As well as the actual portion containing the book of Acts there are 2 further portions for the study notes - making it bulky and more expensive to produce. We are looking for two Hindi Braille readers to tryout this book and give us feedback - please contact us if you are able to help.

Updated: 3rd February 2016

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Our policy is to offer EQUAL ACCESS to people with visual disabilities.

If you produce or use Christian literature for overseas programmes we can help.

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Braille Production:
We rely heavily on volunteers from local churches who come into the Press to help produce Bibles and Christian Books in Braille.

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Compass Braille has relied on a volunteer force since its inception, without them the work would not have been possible.

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