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Braille Production: We rely heavily on volunteers from local churches who come into the Press to help us produce Bibles and Christian Books in Braille. Compass Braille has relied on a volunteer force since its inception, without them the work would not have been possible. The processes are not difficult to learn and we can find a job to suit almost everyone.

Speaking on our behalf: We have several volunteers who speak at churches and meetings within their locality. A speaker’s pack is provided and training is given.

Fund Raising: Many of our supporters carry out fundraising activities on our behalf, e.g. bring and buy sales, church mission weekends, cake sales and sponsorship events such as bike rides and mountain climbing!

Pay us a Visit: If you are interested in volunteering you are welcome to come for a visit first.

All in a morning's work!
All in a morning's work!
All in a morning's work!
Volunteer labelling Braille Bibles
Volunteer Group Photo
Volunteers at work

If you would like to help please get in touch,
using any of the methods on our
Contact page.


Visitors Welcome



We are always glad to showcase our work and to receive visits from:

mission agencies, church groups, youth groups, social groups and individuals.


Whether you are simply intrigued and want to see how Braille is made - or whether you are interested in volunteering - or you would like to provide Braille for your own projects, please feel free to get in touch.

Visitors will be able to see how Braille is produced using computer technology as well as learning about Braille and its inventor, Louis Braille. There are video presentations of our overseas work and those wanting some hands on experience can try one or two of the production processes as well as learning the basics of reading and writing in Braille.

Visits to Compass Braille available

Monday - Wednesday, 14.00-16.00

Please phone in advance to make arrangements

+44(0)1920 413572

Evening and Saturday visits can also be arranged with sufficient prior notice.


How to Make a Donation

You can support the work of Compass Braille
by using one of the following methods :

Cheque (payable to 'Compass Braille'); CAF vouchers; Stewardship; Standing Order; Legacy; Give as You Earn; Gift Aid (if applicable) or on-line via the PayPal link below

If you wish you can designate your donation to a project or to the Special Bible Fund to support our Braille Mini-Libraries

Monthly, or other regular donations really help and are easily set up - just contact us for a Direct Debit form

For further information please feel free to  CONTACT US 

Registered Charity Number: 292625

 Donate to Compass Braille via PayPal 

Please contact us if you encounter any problems.


How we are funded

Our work is part-funded by groups and sponsors who place orders on behalf of people with visual disabilities living in the two-thirds world. The shortfall is raised through donations from Churches, Individuals and Grant Making Bodies. We also run our own projects which are supported through our Special Bible Fund.

Braille is an extremely important commodity and we endeavour to meet all the requests we receive. However, we sometimes have to defer requests until funding is available, which is disappointing for us and frustrating for the people who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Braille volumes.

Thanks to our many supporters we are able to meet at least half of the requests but there is a demand for much more Braille literature in many parts of the world. We have the capacity to increase our production and more financial support would enable us to do this.


Partnerships - how they work

Mission groups and organisations who have overseas programmes involving personal development and the distribution of books and leaflets, etc. are very welcome to contact us. The provision of literature in Braille format as well as text is crucial for the inclusion and integration of people with visual disabilities and it is something that any holistic work should include. We believe that materials relating to spreading God's Word, education or the improvement of health care provision should be available to everyone. Reading materials valuable to the sighted are equally valuable to the blind and we are happy to discuss the possibilities of making your reading materials available in Braille. Please feel free to contact us.

Compass Braille's Overseas Partner groups provide a reliable distribution network ensuring that every Braille Bible portion and every Braille Book or Booklet produced by Compass Braille reaches its target audience.

Listed below are some of our present partners:

Bible Societies, Worldwide

Working with the United Bible Societies

Mission to the Blind, Chennai, India

Supporting people with visual disabilities in many parts of India as distributors of Braille and offering educational and employment opportunities, drop in centres, tape ministry, counselling, summer camps and more.

India Fellowship to the Visually Handicapped, Chennai, India

Supporting people with visual disabilities in many parts of India and promoting their integration into church, community and employment sectors.

Bartimai Centre for the Blind, Ahmedabad, India

Giving daily residential care to children with visual disabilities (some also with other disabilities). Offering a holistic ministry of teaching, playing, singing, feeding, exercise/ physiotherapy to meet the individual needs of each and every child.

Discipleship Centre, Delhi, India

Offering a drop in centre, training centre, home visits, Braille library and general community care.

The African Pastors' Fellowship

APF works with churches and individuals in Africa and seeks to help through enabling and servicing pastors and their spouses to be more effective in their ministry. They provide local training courses, related literature in relevant languages and basic equipment for ministry such as books and bicycles.





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