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Compass Braille
Friday, October 24, 2014
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Braille Books and Booklets

We transcribe, produce and despatch a selection of Christian Braille books in various languages. They are produced to order by groups and organisations who distribute Braille to the Braille readers they work among or come into contact with during their work. The books come in two sizes and many of them are complementary aids for use alongside the Bible. We also produce the booklets, leaflets, newsletters and other Christian materials of organisations who either have specific programmes for people with visual disabilities, or run general teaching/healthcare programmes. The Braille is used in schools, summer camps, conferences, care projects, general church activities, training schemes and health awareness programmes.

Our books are generally bound in brightly coloured covers to make them identifiable to sighted people. The purpose is to aid integration and inclusion as well as providing those with low vision something that is distinctive. Often sighted people choose books for Braille readers and the familiar and attractive appearance of the Braille format in relation to the text is a benefit. 

Please take a look at our languages page for more details and then feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about having your organisation’s reading materials produced in Braille. Below are a few examples of booklets we have previously produced:

Crime Stories of the Bible
Crime Stories of the Bible
Crime Stories of the Bible
New Reader Series - Good News for You
HIV/AIDS Awareness Books
Love Stories of the Bible
Safari Series - Bible Stories
The Lion Children's Bible stories
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